Happy #InternationalWomensDay What a...

News | 08 March, 2021

            Happy #InternationalWomensDay  What a... - Sweet Apricity

Go To Post     Happy #InternationalWomensDay What a perfect moment to celebrate a few of the women who have made our community (and Sweet Apricity) what it is today! This list is a living, breathing thing and will never be complete. Each of you has offered direct support at the exact time it was needed. The compassion and generosity your voices offer to building our community are such a marvel. Thank you for the ways you lead with head and heart. @MickeyTrescott, @thePaleoMom, @AngieAlt, @Dr.TerryWahls thank you for believing in this company from the beginning. @Squirrel_Kitchen & @lilsipper, thank you for reaching out when I had no idea what I was doing. @PaleoAngel thank you for becoming a sister as we learned and grew our companies together. @DeeWham thank you for your steadfast excitement and potential of what SA is. @DianeVCapaldi, @OttosNaturals @KrystensKitchen @BackPorchPaleo, @TheMuscleMaven, @WildernessToTable, @DrModernMom, your friendship and support has been an anchor throughout a strange and uncertain year. @kell_fitzgerald, @jesminh___, @ciara_naturallyred, @theNatureOf_Art, @kelseyzuberbuehler, @jenn.nobile, you have worked tirelessly behind the scenes, building this company in its various stages of growth. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. @bedelc you’re my favorite lady of note[oriety] Who are the women who have shaped you? . . . . #womanwhohustle #womenempoweringwomen #hersuccess #womeninspiringwomen

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