How good do these look?...

News | 17 February, 2021

            How good do these look?... - Sweet Apricity

Go To Post     How good do these look? Love @eatlovebird ‘s take on the classic marshmallow cereal treat! Repost from @eatlovebird • These no-bake Lovebird cereal #aip and #paleo treat bars were incredi-🥣. Not going to lie, I left no survivors after this video. Happy Friday! Easy recipe below: - 1 box of Unsweetened Lovebird - 2 bags of @sweet.apricity vanilla marshmallows - 3 tbsp of 🥥 oil - melt marshmallows and 🥥 oil by stirring in a frying pan (don’t over cook) - mix melted marshmallows and cereal in a bowl - scoop and press into a greased 🥥 oil baking pan - let it cool then slice and share (or don’t 😂)

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