We are proud to be...

Blog | 19 May, 2021

            We are proud to be...

Go To Post     We are proud to be a part of @nightmarketvancouver and support their move to RiverWest Vancouver Waterfront.

Please watch and donate to their Indiegogo campaign:

Repost from @nightmarketvancouver


From pop up to ‘Pop-Local’! ⁠
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT…. NMV Pop-Local has decided to go brick-and-mortar! We’ll be opening up our new store as ‘ Pop-Local Vancouver’ in the RiverWest Apartments building located on the Vancouver WA Waterfront 2021 and we need your support in order to make this a reality. ⁠

We are LOCAL MAKERS -- we dare to dream and have the desire to create.⁠

We are COMMUNITY-- neighbors, friends, and family.⁠

When you BUY LOCAL-- you help weave the cultural threads of our neighborhoods together, support livelihoods, and fuel passions.⁠

In light of the unprecedented events of 2020, the concept for Pop-Local was created by Night Market Vancouver founder, Jessica Chan, as a mission to help support local independent businesses, makers, and artists throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our pop-up ‘NMV Pop-Local at 111 W 9th St’ currently represents over 65 local brands!

Thanks to all your community love and support over the last year, founder Jess has decided to go ALL IN, and to turn Pop-Local Vancouver into long term Vancouver establishment to continue supporting our community of creative entrepreneurs. ⁠

VANCOUVER DESERVES A PLACE THAT CELEBRATES OUR LOCAL CULTURE and we’re excited to embark on this new journey with all of you! ⁠

@poplocalvancouver will be launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign June 1st, 2021. We have an amazing lineup of’ backer perks’ coming your way for your different donation levels. Handmade products designed by our very own local makers as exclusives to this campaign, to personalized laser engraved name plates that will be forever installed in our store for those that want to show your undying support! ⁠

GET NOTIFIED of our Indiegogo Campaign launch using link in bio & please help share the love for our community of local makers by SHARING! ⁠

Thank you for taking the time to join our cause ❤❤❤⁠


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