Welcome Autumn. Oh, My Stars.

Tonya Butts | 03 October, 2020

            Welcome Autumn. Oh, My Stars. - Sweet Apricity

Today I woke up, energized and my brain was working. Like REALLY working. Like pre-sickness-kind of working and my body wasn’t experiencing pain. The air was crisp and the fallen leaves, in their array of colors, crunched beneath my favorite boots. Without struggle, I was able to remember where I’d stored my fluffy winter hat with the poofy squish atop it; and my favorite winter coat still buttoned (mostly) after The Quarantine 15+. The stars had aligned.

The change of each season has a distinctive feel that elicits different behaviors in me. Welcoming autumn ignites the desire for soup and my favorite tea, snuggled beneath a blanket in a candlelit space with Tchaikovsky serenading me in a melancholy sort of way. All that stood between me and an evening of welcoming bliss was a trip to the store and a couple of insta-pot adventures. Easy. I’m unstoppable today. I even remember the two soups I wanted to try AND the genius bloggers who created them. Did I mention the alignment of the stars?

    1. Zuppa Toscana by Michelle at Unbound Wellness
    2. Chihyu’s grandmother’s Egg Drop Soup at I Heart Umami (reintro)

I make a grocery list, find my keys, locate my wallet, and a clean mask within 10 minutes (instead of 30-60 minutes #stars), and embark upon the journey to the grocery store. Dratz, I forgot about bridgework and spend the extra 20 minutes in traffic making a list of how much I’m going to get done upon my return. I’m on fire and the To-Do lists should be trembling.

I enter the grocery store with the swagger of someone who’s just going to dash in and out, real quick. Wait! Sh*t! I left the grocery list sitting on the counter at my house, along with my phone?!? Ugh. Ok, a little wind has been knocked from my sails, but my brain is working so well. Surely, I can remember 20 items on a grocery list like in olden times, yes?


With a stroll down each isle, the memory of the list drifts farther away. As I roll up to the checkout lane, I realize my cart is filled with a hodgepodge of food things that will require me to return throughout the week. I don’t care. My brain is now unable to process what else I would need to make a complete meal. I look down at the items in my cart and acquiesce to making do with what I have. By my return to my house, I forgot what I was wanting to make for dinner. I try to hold on to enough clarity to deduce what took me down so quickly. Was it the blue light? The forceful attempt to recall things on a list? Perhaps, being in a public space and trying to navigate a Covid world as a woman highly susceptible? I will never know.

I brew the tea, light the candles, crawl beneath the blanket, and command the "Hey, Google" to fetch me a melancholy Tchaikovsky. Welcome autumn. #OhTheStars

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