Where’s you plate? We are...

Blog | 14 June, 2021

            Where’s you plate? We are...

Go To Post     Where’s you plate? We are keeping this amazing charcuterie board for ourselves! 😋
@krystenskitchen has outdone herself with her amazing snack skills. We love that she included our Lily Puffs here - we think they’re perfect for sweet and savory snacking!
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The Secret To The Perfect Charcuterie Board + Bonus Tips!

Put the “cute” in CharCUTErie with a few tips for making the best platter of delicious foods… the SECRET is down below! (Swipe & save this post for Inso)

👉🏽Have a VARIETY: You can use a little bit of everything. Give it a theme or “go ham” (great idea! use real ham, too).
👉🏽Mix it up - SWEET & SAVORY: You can make a sweet charcuterie board or a savory one! Or you can do both sweet and savory on the same platter.
👉🏽Use what you ALREADY have: Check out your leftover cut veggies, those extra berries you have and the 1/2 a package of salami in your fridge. You might have 3 different almost-empty boxes of crackers - use all of them for a fun variety.
👉🏽FILL bare spots: You may have your platter ready to go, but there’s still a few bare spots that need some attention. Consider adding some chocolate, grapes or even small handfuls of nuts to fill in the empty spots.
👉🏽Add CHOCOLATE: Yes! Adding chocolate is always a great idea when it comes to a perfect charcuterie board. Even if you only have one chocolate bar in the house, cut it or break it into small pieces for a fun texture, and add it to your masterpiece!
👉🏽You don’t need an expensive PLATTER: You can use a fancy platter or you can use a cutting board, a large plate or even a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
👉🏽THEME ideas: Make it all vegan or paleo or gluten free or Whole30! Make it red white and blue! How about a Disney theme platter! Make it your own.

Okay, let me tell you the big secret. The big secret to making the perfect Charcuterie board is … there are no rules. You can do whatever you want and use whatever you have on hand.

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