Allergens / Cross-Contamination

Factory Allergens


NUTS: There are nuts in the factory. There are chopped nuts, whole nuts, and nut butters in the factory. They do not grind or chop any in the factory (to minimize dust) and they are kept in a different part of the facility. The factory is primarily a taffy and chocolate factory, but they do have a few items that contain nuts or nut butters and those items do use some of the equipment/tables that our products use (never at the same time). 


GLUTEN: being a candy factory rather than a bakery, there’s no use of flour in the facility. Our manufacturer does have a product line where they enrobe pretzels and Oreo cookies in chocolate, but again, these products are not made in the facility and do not share equipment with ours, nor are they produced in the same part of the factory as our products.


The factory uses an FDA approved solution that removes traces of allergens before making another product on machinery that would touch where nuts/butters have touched. They swab to make sure there are no trace amounts of allergens and they take extra precautions before making any of our products. We have our own designated belts and papers to prevent our product coming into contact with allergens.